Gwawaenuk Tribe Office

P.O. Box 344 Port McNeill BC V0N2R0

The Gwawaenuk Tribe

The Gwawaenuk Tribe has always proudly followed a Traditional Governance system and customary laws.  As a Tribe, Gwawaenuk members continue to choose to NOT follow the Indian Act System.

In keeping with the Gwawaenuk Tribe’s Customary and Traditional Governance, the Head Gigame’ of the Gwawaenuk Tribe, the late Hereditary Chief Charlie Williams, chose to transfer his Hereditary Chief title and name to his daughter, Vicki Bunnie, a year before he passed and effective upon his passing.

Hereditary Chief Vickie Bunnie is the current and sole Head Gigame’ and Hereditary Chief of the Gwawaenuk Tribe. Chief Vicki will remain the sole Hereditary Chief of the Gwawaenuk Tribe until she selects a successor in accordance with the Gwawaenuk Tribe’s Traditional Governance always supported by our  members  and Tribe.

All Gwawaenuk Tribe-related initiatives or activities within our Traditional Territory must be coordinated through the Gwawaenuk Tribe’s office and authorized by Hereditary Chief Vicki Bunnie.

If you or your organization are interested in undertaking any activities within Gwawaenuk  Traditional Territory, or wish to support Tribe lead economic development and village revitalization in Hopetown/Heghums, please contact our Tribe office directly.

Gwawaenuk Tribe Office

P.O. Box 344 Port McNeill BC V0N2R0

The Traditional Territory of the Gwawaenuk Tribe  Kwakwaka’wakw Nation

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Hereditary Chief Vicki Bunnie and the Gwawaenuk Tribe do not authorize any of the following individuals or organizations to represent the Gwawaenuk Tribe or to solicit funding on behalf of the Gwawaenuk Tribe:

Irvin Speck, who is representing himself as holding the seat name “Himinis/Himanis” in violation of the Gwawaenuk Tribe’s Traditional Laws and Protocols;

Hopetown Community Development Society, or HDCS;

Craig Murray Consultants;


Gwawa’enuxw, Gwawa’enuxw First Nation, or GFN;

Himanis Guardian Program;

Sea to Cedar; or

Smokehouse Foundation.

Gwawaenuk Head Gigame’ Hereditary Chief Vicki Bunnie

Gwawaenuk Late Head Gigame’ Hereditary Chief Charlie Williams

Late Head Gigame’ Hereditary Chief Fred Williams and Matriarch Elsie Williams